Sunday, March 8, 2015

Recap: Stone Branch School of Art

Since today is International Women's Day (and to celebrate Women's History Month), Curls Studio was asked by Stone Branch School of Art to present our work and hold a workshop today. It was excellent to be able to showcase the work Joe and I have done to a younger audience and their parents. 

In addition to comics, I also showed and discussed design and freelance illustration projects from my portfolio as well. Then Joe projected his film reel and showed the latest Awesome Con commercial. 

After the talk we drew in the art room and made large buttons with our art on it. I also draw portraits of the children as well as dogs and zombies. I had a fun time drawing and interacting with a new group of folks! Thanks for having us.

Joe says: Had a blast presenting about the importance of art, storytelling and collaboration to the students at Stone Branch School of Art today. Its a great and inspiring art school full of exciting students. Carolyn Belefski and I are super honored and always thankful to be thought of for these speaking opportunities. Now dont waste time, go out there are make something.

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