Thursday, March 12, 2015

Curls Kickstarter Update — Want to be a Cartoon?

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for pledging to the Curls Kickstarter. I've been promoting when I can and we've got a lot of people posting on Twitter and Facebook -- which is great.

Recently Bleeding Cool asked me to write about Curls and professional wrestler Sonjay Dutt tweeted about the project. I was also on The JellyVision Show podcast and have already recorded with other podcasts -- they will be releasing the episodes soon.

Our top pledge level is for the Curls book, which is awesome because that's the reason why we are doing this Kickstarter together. I also want to let you all know about another popular pledge level -- the $100 Avatar level. This is a cool opportunity to turn yourself, a friend, or family member into a cartoon! It makes for a great gift and you get to keep the original line art and received a color digital file. How cool is that? You also receive a Kickstarter exclusive signed and numbered Curls print, the Curls cowgirl print, Curls book with autograph and sketch from myself, postcard set, Kickstarter exclusive button pack, Curls patch, computer wallpaper, your name printed in the book acknowledgements, and song. 

Check out the image above of my pal, Lara. This illustrates the process steps and shows you an example of the custom cartoon avatars I can create for you.

We have 13 more days and $1,845 to raise to make this project come to life and become a reality. I believe we can do this.

Send your friends a direct link -- -- or use the "Share this project" button under the video to connect with your pals on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Embed Video or Widget on your website or blog.

All the backers of this project inspire me to keep creating. Thanks for the encouragement.



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