Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Making of Carolyn Belefski's Adventure Time Cover

Check it out! I did an exclusive comic cover for Cartoon Network's Adventure Time #29 published by Boom! Studios. It's a limited edition Cards, Comics, and Collectibles cover. Thank you for the opportunity.

Here is a rare glimpse at my thumbnail concept sketch. I provided five concepts to select from and they went with the underwater cover.

It feels good to say I am one of the talented Adventure Time artists. I'll have the covers at my table for Baltimore Comic-Con, SPX, and New York Comic Con (Curls Studio be at Small Press, booth 1162). See you then!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Black Magic Tales "A New Home"

Here is the full one page Black Magic Tales comic Curls Studio did for Magic Bullet #8. Magic Bullet is Washington, DC's comics newspaper anthology. I feel like it's safe to release the page once the newspaper has been out for at least three months (in the case of this, it's been available in print form since February). We've been in every issue so far. On top of that, I've been editor starting with issue #6, so there's a lot of behind-the-scenes action that goes on with preparing a publication. Maybe in the future I'll do a post about what it's like to produce and work with over 50 people and manage the editorial team to create each issue, but for now enjoy the story! 

If you are interested in submitting your one page story to the next Magic Bullet, here's all the information:

The deadline for advertising and comic submissions is July 1. The theme for Magic Bullet #9 is Western. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Recap and Photos: Cartoonists Draw Blood - American Red Cross Blood Drive 2

Last Saturday, May 31, 2014, we had our second "Cartoonists Draw Blood" blood drive event with the American Red Cross. I came up with the concept a full year ago and tracked down the appropriate Red Cross people to put the event in motion, in addition to finding the venue that could handle the blood drive, be cost efficient, willing to work with us, and near a Metro station.

Everything came together last fall when we held the first blood drive - and saved the lives of up to 90 people! This year was an improvement -- although we did hit one snag that was beyond anyone's control! 

Thanks to Troy-Jeffery Allen for co-organizing the event. He really stepped up to bat. This year we were able to greet people directly near the front door, which was a better placement for our drawing tables. Since Troy was handling the sign-ins, I got to draw a lot more than last year. 

So what was the snag no one could do anything about? Troy was on top of things when the water main broke from the construction crew across the street. It happened in the afternoon and the crew said they might have water back on in an hour. We had to stop the blood drive and wait it out. During this time Steve Artley, Joe Sutliff, Mal Jones, and myself drew up a storm hanging out with Red Cross employees Kamika and Janay. We also drew for many people who were waiting to give blood and were unable to because we had the shut the whole thing down when the water never came back.

The event was still a success in my eyes. There were even walk-ins who never knew about the event until they walked by the front window. I can't think of a better way to showcase our cartooning skills and give back.

Fairfax Times helped promote the event the week before in print.

The Takoma Voice provided online coverage before the event and included interviews with many of the cartoonists as well showcasing images of our art. Here is the link:

Thanks to all the cartoonists who donated their time and talents: Steve Artley, Carolyn Belefski, Bill Brown, Eric Gordon, Mal Jones, Teresa Roberts Logan, Jay Payne, Matt Rawson, Joe Sutliff

Thanks to our sponsors: Cartoonists Draw Blood, American Red Cross, National Cartoonists Society, Seekers Church

Thanks to Joe Carabeo for taking photos in the morning before heading to another photoshoot. More photos are here:

We hope to do the event again sometime in the future. Stay 'tooned.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

1,000+ Followers on Twitter Giveaway

In celebration of reaching 1,000+ followers on Twitter, I'm giving away a bundle of goodies, including:
 - Curls original signed art
- Kid Roxy #1 comic (written by Joe Carabeo with art by Carolyn Belefski)
- Curls Cowgirl print
- Curls postcard
- Magic Bullet #8

 One winner will be announced in one week (June 8). The winner must be following @CarolynBelefski on Twitter.

  To enter, all you have to do is follow me and RT this tweet:
Thanks to everyone for your support on Twitter. XOXO, Carolyn 

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