Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recap: Locust Moon Comics Festival 2012

On Sunday, December 16, 2012, Curls Studio traveled to Philadelphia, PA for the first Locust Moon Comics Festival at The Rotunda. The show was very similar to Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con because of the same location, similar table layout, exhibitors, and vibe. I really appreciate how the show organizers promoted the show from the street with signage. Hopefully that drew in a curious crowd to stroll in. There was an after-party at Locust Moon after the show, but we opted to hit the road for a three hour drive home. 

The show had some amazing moments with our younger readers. In particular a young girl with blonde hair was with her dad and he told Joe a story about how she enjoyed Kid Roxy #1 a lot and one day she was reading under a tree and accidentally left the book there. When they went back to get the book it rained and the book got all wet. It was great to hear that story and the little girl was able to purchase Kid Roxy #1 and #2 to continue the story. She also asked me to draw in her sketchbook - very fun!

There were also a handful of other kids who purchased more of our books. It was exciting to connect with our audience in Philly! That was the last tour date of the year. We thank everyone we met this year on tour. In 2013, we are officially confirmed to be at Asbury Park Comic Con on March 30, Awesome Con on April 20-21, and Baltimore Comic-Con on September 7-8.

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