Thursday, December 27, 2012

ModCloth Creations

This is a dress concept design I did this past summer for ModCloth's "Make The Cut" collection with the theme of "Winter Garden Gala." I had a fun time drawing fashion, which is something a bit outside my regular artistic realm. I titled this dress "Cleopatra's Garden Party Dress" and was inspired by the gold color and keeping it within a gray monochromatic world. The use of the flower belt and fishnet-like sleeves add texture to accent the gold neckline. I didn't win the contest, but found it to be an awesome mission. Here is more information and the rules if you are interested in learning more. I hope ModCloth does another "Make The Cut" challenge in the future.

I did however win another ModCloth contest back in June - the National Doughnut Day contest. The goal was to post a photo of yourself wearing a ModCloth item and include a doughnut in the image. I didn't have much time to prepare for this, but was lucky to have a doughnut on-hand from one of my co-workers who brought some into the office to share and celebrate the day. Joe Carabeo from Astray Productions took the photo of me wearing The Deveraux Dress and we quickly posted it online. I had a good feeling about winning - and we did!

I love ModCloth's clothes, but I'm on a clothing purchase hiatus for one full year (which started last August). After that I can only buy items I truly need or items that are super treasures, not just out of want. If you are interested in checking out more of ModCloth's great items, please use my referral link for a $15 discount toward your first purchase of $50 or more:

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