Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Starburst Magazine: All Comics Are Created Equal

My comic strip Curls was mentioned today in the column "Adventures On Alternate Earths" by P.M. Buchan in Starburst Magazine, the UK's longest running Sci-Fi magazine, first published 1978.

The article is titled "All Comics Are Created Equal" and features Lizz Lizz, Adam Cadwell, Andi Ewington, Marc Ellerby, Rachel Pandich, and many more creators to discover!

Please read the full article here:

I respect that even though it's not the author's cup-of-tea, he is able to see the appeal:
"On a completely different note, I’ve been talking to artist Carolyn Belefski about her webcomic Curls recently and she could seriously teach you a thing or two about self-promotion! Given my fondness for Maakies and Hubert Selby Jr novels it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I found Curls too innocent and lighthearted for my taste, but damn that lady can draw! With an art style reminiscent of Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows Carolyn has an accomplished pen that was made to draw nationally syndicated newspaper strips. Working on the assumption that not all of my readers can be black-hearted cynics like me then some of you are going to LOVE Curls because it’s an adorable strip featuring a character shaped like a piece of toast and if there’s any justice in the world Carolyn will get the chance to keep on making comics like this for the rest of her life and have them collated into massive telephone-directory sized books."

What a great quote. Thank you so much to Starburst Magazine and P.M. Buchan.

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