Friday, September 30, 2011

Black Magic Tales in Indie Comics Magazine #4

Curls Studio is in a jolly mood to announce we will be in Indie Comics Magazine #4 with our story, Black Magic Tales: How Roxy and Dean Stole Christmas. The image above is a tease of the first page of our new Black Magic Tales story. For our previous BMT stories, please check the write-ups and previews here:

Be sure to ask your comic store to order this special Christmas Issue! Here is some more info on Indie Comics Magazine #4:
Knights, college freshmen, comic book geeks, an undying engine of destruction, the world's most famous criminals, jazz singers, killer clowns and more will shock, uplift and entertain in Indie Comics Magazine #4, a special holiday issue, scheduled for preorder in Diamond Comic Distributors' October 2011 Previews catalog and available ONLY through Previews, announced Publisher Gary Scott Beatty.

Starring in this issue are some indie comic heavyweights. Ignatz Award winner Rich Koslowski produced a holiday story with his fan-famous characters, The 3 Geeks. Nationally syndicated Adventures of Aaron cartoonist Aaron Warner introduces A College Girl Named Joe in her freshman year. Mad magazine's Douglas Paszkiewicz makes merry with a quirky Arsenic Lullaby.

64 pages of done-in-one stories is wrapped in a beautiful, painted cover by award winning artist Douglas Klauba. "This indie yuletide issue will make great gifts for the mature readers on your list," said Beatty, "naughty or nice."

The Curls Studio team of writer Joe Carabeo and illustrator Carolyn Belefski present How Roxy and Dean Stole Christmas. Kevin LaPorte and Amanda Rachels' macabre Clown Town characters shuffle in to share the holidays. Anthony Cacioppo explores a tense meeting between Indestructible Man and Saint Nick. Gary Scott Beatty's jazz pianist tells is nephew a Christmas story. Students of the Unusual's Terry Cronin returns with a story of knights and magic.

"We continue to be lucky landing creators with a diverse range of storytelling styles," said Beatty. "This is a real cross section of indy comic book genius! With our done-in-one stories, we help readers cut through the reviews and hype to experience these creators' raw talent."

Short biographies and contact information are included with the stories so readers can easily seek out more of the creators' work, said Beatty.

Beatty explained he always loved the holiday editions of books from the early days of comics, from horror to superhero to funny animal stories. "This time of year is so busy for everyone it's a good idea to kick back and immerse yourself in some holiday magic."

Indie Comics Magazine is 64 pages of the best story and art from today's independent comic book creators. No huge overprint, no digital version, no back issue sales, October's Previews under Aazurn Publishing is the ONLY way comic readers can get Indie Comics Magazine #4, the Christmas issue! Visit Indie Comics Magazine online at Indie Comics

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