Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recap: Capicons (Oct. 3)

Curls Studio was a guest at the October 3, 2010 Capicons event at Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire Hall in Dunn Loring, VA. When we first arrived, I noticed a bingo set-up on the stage and that totally rocked. A comic convention at a fire station rules.

There were many other artists and writers there (besides myself and Joe Carabeo) including Matt Dembicki, Rafer Roberts, Evan Keeling, Andrew Cohen, Josh Lyman and Chris Flick.

Capicons is a really great local show that I can see growing and getting larger as it receives more exposure. Jeff, the show organizer has really great mic skills and it was his birthday. Cupcakes and cake were provided for everyone to celebrate. Jeff also did a few raffles thru the day, which I donated the Carnival Anthology to as well as donating to Hero Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book veterans.

I was interviewed by DC Comic Books Examiner. Above is the embedded film interview from YouTube. The article is here.

Above is the interview with Capicons show organizers as they talk about where they are and where they are headed.

I am glad to have had conversations with people who went up on stage to check out our work. It was nice to have a calm convention to be able to take your time to communicate with people since so many conventions can be loud and pushy... or maybe I just came back from New York Comic Con and can assess the both events back to back.

Another great thing about being at the fire station was that we had to clear out for square dancing after the comic show. Yee-haw!

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