Monday, September 14, 2009

Recap: Pittsburgh Comicon 2009

Curls Studio's first appearance at Pittsburgh Comicon was this past weekend, September 11-13, 2009 and it was a great time. We drove into the convention on Friday morning. Honestly, Friday was a little slow. People made jokes about the Steelers's win and how most of the city was hung over in celebration or at work and thus not at the convention. Saturday proved to be the best day, as with most cons. Joe and I made the most out of our trip by visiting the Andy Warhol Museum on Friday night. It is worth it to experience this museum... and here's a tip: they are open Friday nights until 10 PM and tickets are half price!

The big event for me at Pittsburgh Comicon was premiering the trade paperback "CURLS: 2002-2009 Collection of Comic Strips" and promoting that event. I hope everyone will have the chance to pick that book up at Baltimore and SPX within the next month. I also put it up on my Etsy site so you can order online.

Saturday's huge presence at the con was Stan Lee! Yes, the modern Walt Disney of our times! I am very lucky to have seen him in person. On Saturday night we visited Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor, a 1920s ice cream parlor located in the city's strip district. Of course it was awesome for me to experience this because I adore the art deco time period.

On Sunday I got to leave the table and discover other creators. It was nice to meet people I have not met before. Joe and I learned that the "Bean N Gone" coffee shop Kevin Smith filmed at for Zack and Miri Make a Porno was nearby in Monroeville, so we went on a very quick hunt for this location. Turns out it is now a Chinese restaurant. They were closed so we were unable to eat there. We watched part of the film in the parking lot with our portable dvd player and took screenshots of the scene right before our eyes. We also saw the mall where Elizabeth Banks (Miri) works and the area where they pulled over in the car when Seth Rogen (Zack) got burned from the hand warmer that he put in his pants.

Pittsburgh Comicon was great. So was this guy.

For more photos, visit our Flickr site (curls-studio2).

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