Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's All Journalism - Podcast Interview

Matt Dembicki, Joe Carabeo, and I were interviewed by Michael O'Connell for his show, It's All Journalism. A fine show - I have listened to several episodes, but need to catch up on the more recent editions. We discussed self-publishing, comics, District Comics, and Magic Bullet (Washington, DC's comic newspaper). Joe and I also discussed our podcast, The Carolyn & Joe Show.

Michael also took us on a tour of WTOP, which was amazing. I love the constant news flow and the energy there. We recorded on a slow news day and the main headlines were Kristen Bell having a baby and a group of local teens spilling milk at area grocery stores. Even so, I was intrigued by the work environment and my inner Lois Lane came out.

Thanks to Michael of having us as guests. It was a fun time and I always enjoy chatting with him!

Take a listen here: http://itsalljournalism.com/time-to-do-it-yourself-publishing-podcasting-and-comics/

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