Friday, April 12, 2013

Carolyn Belefski: Runner-up Best Visual Artist - Best of D.C. 2013 in Washington City Paper

Thanks to all of you who voted in Washington City Paper's 2013 Best of D.C. Reader Poll. The votes are in and I was actually informed by Jeffrey Everett of the status. He won and I got in second, as a runner-up!

Jeffrey Everett wrote on Facebook that he is super thrilled to win and "Carolyn Belefski is an incredible artist and I am happy to be on the same page as her."

It was also cool to work with him on Magic Bullet #6, Washington, D.C.'s comics newspaper, which I edited and asked him to design the new masthead. El Jefe Design really is a talent. It's great to be on the same page with him as well. Here's to representing the Washington, D.C. area! It's certainly a cool acknowledgement a great addition to the resume.

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