Friday, September 7, 2012

Curls in Bloop Kickstarter-Exclusive Jam Print

I was asked by Steve Conley to be a part of his jam print for Bloop. He has a Kickstarter campaign going on for the next 10 days to support Bloop, the story of a little, green space monkey who is looking to find the perfect tree. Along the way, he makes some friends and discovers that not only his tree, but the entire planet, is threatened by robots bent on tearing the world apart. This first Bloop collection will be a giant 10 inches x 15 inches. He has a ton or rewards to unlock and many options and levels for you to pledge and help fund his project. You can learn more and consider pledging here:

I created Curls as a Hollywood star for the glossy headshot up on the diner wall. She even put on some lipstick and kissed the photo, which also includes her signature.

Steve writes about the jam print:

Today, we unveil three more additions to the BLOOP Kickstarter-exclusive jam print:

Amelia of Amelia Rules! by Jimmy Gownley (Jimmy recently capped his wonderful eight-book Amelia Rules! series with Amelia Rules: Her Permanent Record!)
• Curls by Carolyn Belefski (Carolyn is one of the nicest and friendliest cartoonists I know and her Curls webcomic is every bit as charming and funny as she is!)
• Mercurius by Rick Veitch (Rick is one of the legends of independent comics and known for some of the most challenging and sensational comics ever made.)

Jimmy, Carolyn and Rick join the first three cartoon patrons unveiled:

Brandy of Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho (To call Frank a comics superstar is an understatement!)
• Billy Dogma by Dean Haspiel (One of my favorite comics artists and the only one who's won an Emmy Award!)
• Mel of Sunshine State by Graham Nolan (Graham co-created the Batman villain Bane and he followed that up by creating the best gator cartoon character since Albert of Pogo fame!)
The Messenger by Jerry Ordway (Jerry is a true comics great and responsible for some of my favorite Marvel and DC comic books!)
• Nastajia of The Dreamland Chronicles by Scott Christian Sava (Scott has produced more than 2,000 - you read that right! - pages of breathtaking cgi comics and he's running his own Kickstarter at the moment, which I hope you'll check out!)

This lineup is amazing and we still have twelve more to announce!

This print will be a bonus to every backer pledging $20 or more if we can reach our first stretch goal of $6,000.

Thank you Steve - for creating such a great book and for letting Curls be a part of the jam print. We are honored.

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