Friday, June 22, 2012

Dollar Bin Friends Assembled Volume 5: Showcase

If you'll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC this weekend, be on the look-out for The Dollar Bin and their 5th annual Friends Assembled anthology. This year's theme is "Showcase" and required a pin-up style contribution. Joe Carabeo delivered the scenario for this Kid Roxy art in Friends Assembled, so be sure to pick a copy up while you are there.

The Dollar Bin will also be covering many of the panels and interviewing people all over the convention hall. Another thing to check out while you're there is Team Cul de Sac and Chris Sparks representing at Heroes Con. Many other great people such as Bryan JL Glass, Thom Zahler, and Rafer Roberts will be at the event as well. If you'll be exhibiting at Heroes Con this weekend, feel free to add your name and booth info in the comments!

I hope everyone has a good time. Even though Curls Studio isn't physically present, we are glad to be included in The Dollar Bin's Friends Assembled anthology.

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