Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alphabattle: Number 8

Above is my number 8 entry and you can view all the other submissions here: http://www.lettercult.com/archives/3300#more-3300

I was surprised that a snake was not used in any other submissions because it almost seemed like such an obvious solution to this challenge that I almost did not do it. I do like that my snake reminds me of a bowling pin. I'd like to see a snake swallow a bowling pin one day.

I took part in designing a number one and number two. I had hoped to complete all the numbers, but missed a few weeks due to being busy with other activities. Maybe one day I can catch up on the missed numbers.

Did you enjoy this fun design challenge?

1 comment:

zillustration said...

If he was biting his tail, he'd be Infinity!