Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Handmade Mart is May 22

Curls Studio was recently accepted to be a vendor at Handmade Mart in downtown Silver Spring, MD! We hope to see you at booth #64 on Sunday, May 22 (see where we'll be located in the handy map image below). You can check out our Q&A on the Handmade Mart blog and take a look at what other vendors will be selling.

Hands-on workshops will be hosted by the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. Their workshop booth will be located in the front of the main stairwell, next to the fountain. Pyramid Atlantic will be leading workshops in paper-making and screen printing.

WHAT: Handmade Mart
WHEN: May 22, 2011 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
WHERE: Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring, Maryland (between Fenton and Georgia Avenue)

This event is FREE to attend and fun for all ages! Stop by and say hi to us. See you this Sunday!

Valuable parking information: http://www.silverspringdowntown.com/transportation/parking

May 18 - UPDATE: Downtown Silver Spring is no longer allowed to have booths located on both sides of the street during any of their future events. This ruling came from the Fire Marshall's Office, so booth #'s 59-71 had to be moved. The second development is that the large stage, which is usually located in front of the breezeway, is still up. Apparently there are a few mechanical problems with the stage, so it cannot be taken down in time for the Mart. The stage itself won't affect any vendors booths, but the organizers have decided to move the Handmade Mart booth onto the stage, instead of in front of the fountain. The map posted yesterday has been taken down and replaced to represent this change, so the map above is correct.

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