Thursday, May 19, 2011

Curls: The Webcomic

I don't post my Curls Webcomic to this blog very often, but I figured every once in awhile I should remind you about it. Curls can be found at and it updates every Monday and Thursday.

This wonderful and purely fun with a side of insanity comic strip is about a gal with mitten hands, who runs into adventures with her best friends:
• A life size slice of Toast named Toast of the Town
Applause, a Siamese Fighting Fish who is the boxing world champion in the waterweight division
Turtle Neck, a turtle who wears turtlenecks
Pitter Patter, a penguin waiter
• And more!

Carolyn Belefski was nominated for a Friends of Lulu Award in 2010 for Most Talented Newcomer to recognize cartooning work by women. You can check out a brand new Curls webcomic every Monday and Thursday at

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