Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Curls and Cerebus Illustration

Above is a commission I did of my character, Curls, with Dave Sim's character, Cerebus. I hope he'd like it. Arsia Rozegar did the wonderful colors.

The illustration really comes to life when it's in color... which honestly leads be to believe if Curls is on the web, there should be no reason why it shouldn't be in color. I am used to black and white from the times when Curls was published in The Commonwealth Times newspaper. I would like to have more Curls strips in color, but it is time consuming so we will see where it goes in the future. I think this piece came out really well and I'm proud of the work Arsia and I did for it. It was fun to create this.

Be sure to read Curls every Monday and Thursday at this site:

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