Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Magic Bullet - Washington DC's Comics Newspaper

In the Recap: Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con blog post yesterday, I mentioned Magic Bullet.

Now I need to let you know more about it...

Magic Bullet is a Washington, DC based comics newspaper. Issue #1 is hitting the streets as we speak. It features a cover by Scott White with comics by tens of the finest Washington DC area comic book artists... including Curls Studio's own Joe Carabeo and Carolyn Belefski!

We have a Black Magic Tales story published in Magic Bullet called Black Magic Tales: Reunion. That's double the magic. Double the fun!

Here is the line-up for Issue #1:

Faces of Coitus Interuptus by Dale Rawlings
Nightmare the Rat by Rafer Roberts
Monday Night by Matt Dembicki
Black Magic Tales: Reunion by Joe Carabeo & Caroyn Belefski
Code Name: Fifenella by Evan Keeling & RM Rhodes
Bill (Dream) by William Moreno
Night of Jimmy Pee by Adam Dwight
Dr. W by Andrew Cohen
Fairy Meadow by Michael Brace
Boogie Monster by Troy-Jeffrey Allen & David Dean

Magic Bullet #1 will be available in limited quantities at Baltimore Comic-Con and in greater numbers at Small Press Expo. It will also be avalable in various local comic shops, clubs and eateries. If you would like to distribute (or advertise in future issues of) Magic Bullet, please email eic@magicbulletcomics.com.

EXCLUSIVE - In addition, I will also be giving the few I personally own to people who purchase $15 or more from Curls Studio at our upcoming tour appearances (while supplies last).

I will be dropping off a handful to Laughing Ogre Comics in Fairfax, VA tomorrow. So please, catch your copy quickly!

Now I direct you to the original blog post from DC Conspiracy about Magic Bullet. I hope you will be able to obtain a copy for yourself and enjoy Magic Bullet.


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