Friday, March 19, 2010

Results: Curls Twitter Contest

We announced the winner of the first ever Curls Twitter Contest is @rosscott. When I asked him what type of sketch he'd like he replied:

"@curlsstudio Hey thanks for the Twitter Contest! How about a sketch for a fellow graphic designer? Nerdy as you can!"

Well, I did some thinking about it and decided to do a full-on comic strip instead of a sketch. The nerdiest thing I could think of was having Curls throw a Designer's Halloween Party. As you can see, she is a Photoshop Wizard bossing, oh, I mean "art directing" Pitter Patter the penguin as he adjusts the banner to her liking. Some of the guests came as CMYK and a "bleeding" man. Maybe that's Steve Jobs in the background? Yeah, think it would be pretty dorky to dress up in honor of design for Halloween, but designers are dorky anyway, so it's all good.

@rosscott wins the original inked art (which I photographed for you all above) and a print of the color version of the comic. I hope he enjoys his win! Thanks and congrats!

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