Friday, July 10, 2009

The General Design Company - AIGA DC Continuum Fund Button Campaign

Last month James Hobbs and I helped organize the second set of buttons for AIGA DC's Continuum Fund Button Campaign to help DC metro area students pursue a graphic design degree. The buttons premiered last month at Sea Change: AIGA Leadership Retreat 2009 in Portland, Oregon. All proceeds go to AIGA DC’s Continuum Fund Scholarship, which allows young people from minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds not only to realize their artistic dreams, but also to give back to their communities.

Soung Wiser of The General Design Company helped coordinate this set of three buttons. The congratulatory, buddy nature of the fist bump, the high five and the thumbs up drove the idea for the thank you buttons. The hand gestures bring a feeling of connection, community and a "Hey, isn't it awesome to be part of this? Slap me some skin!"

The button sets will be available at future AIGA DC events for the suggested minimum donation of $5. Thanks goes out to Tamera Lawrence who designed the label and Joe Carabeo of Astray Productions for photographing the buttons.

If you would like more information about AIGA DC's Continuum Fund Scholarship or have questions about donating to AIGA DC's Continuum Fund, please email or visit

More photos can be found on the AIGA DC Flickr page.

Carolyn Belefski
Continuum Chair, AIGA DC

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