Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Foundation Year

CROQ Zine, a print zine devoted to hip crafting and indie business, will be publishing a two page comic I did called Foundation Year. The theme of the issue is "Art School Confidential" and they asked for something art school related.

I took a trip down memory lane and focused on my first year of art school, the Art Foundation program at Virginia Commonwealth University, an "art boot camp" that determines which path of art you'll major in (Sculpture, Fashion, Kinetic Imagery, Painting & Printmaking... and so on). I was so crazy that year because I was trying to get into VCU's Communication Arts & Design department.

Foundation Year shows my struggle and success and all the chaos that ensued. Plus it features my world famous, life-sized, paper-maché sculpture of Windex: New Bigger Size.

Pick up a copy of CROQ Zine from their site or at their Etsy store when the issue comes out soon. I don't know when that will be, but I'll let you know.


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