Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photos: AIGA FIFTY Exhibition

The AIGA DC AIGA FIFTY Exhibition was last night at the National Postal Museum. With over 250 people attending, It was a success overall... although I did learn a tremendous amount about event planning over the past year... and even on that day in particular! I think the venue was spacious, the open bar was a good surprise for those attending, and food did not go to waste.

I hope everyone who went had a good time and enjoyed themselves and the 50 pieces of design on display. Thanks to all the fab volunteers (Lina, Janet, Matt, Lara, Alice, Chris, Nadia, Anthony, Ham, and Joe) and board members who went the extra mile (Mira, Dan, Jo, Dian, Hobbs, Steven, Kerri, Jake, Jill, Betsy, Debra, and Catherine). You guys were what made the event special to me.

My favorite part of the event was when Lara (my co-worker whom I share and office with), Ham (my art director), Joe, Brian (my brother), and I were standing talking in a circle at the end of the event and I realized that these are the people I spend the most time with in my life... all together.

Check out more photos of the event on the AIGA DC Flickr page.

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Nicole said...

it is an honor to be one of those people... :)