Monday, October 10, 2016

Recap: Society of Illustrators – Political Spirit Animal

This past Wednesday I participated in an event called Political Spirit Animal at Society of Illustrators in NYC. The event celebrated Wacom's MobileStudio Pro, which was announced that day. MobileStudio Pro is available for purchase next month and I am excited to be one of the first to use this amazing light-weight product.

Here are the guest artists: Tom Richmond, Joe Wos, Carolyn Belefski, Luke McGarry, Jason Chatfield, Flash Rosenberg, Steve McGarry, Ed Steckley

John Fiorelli from Cut & Paste organized the event where the guest artists each drew a different political candidate and attendees were paired with us to create the candidate's spirit animal (the attendees started with our original drawing then drew new layers over it). Then each person had the opportunity to get on mic and explain their creation.

It was a fun event and I got to meet several New York artists there. I was glad to be able to see the Ralph Steadman exhibit in the gallery space (running until October 22) as the cherry on top of this event! Big thanks to NCS, Wacom, Cut & Paste, and Society of Illustrators for being so accommodating and inspiring!

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