Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Recap: Baltimore Comic-Con 2016

Curls Studio had a great time at Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend.

On Saturday morning I led the first workshop of the day in the Kids Love Comics section. "Create Your Own Superhero Symbol" is the seminar where we combine design and comics to create our own visual identity. The children were all very smart and I enjoyed interviewing them on the mic where they got to present their personal logos.

The exclusive Archie Yearbook was available for purchase and many people came by our table for autograph collecting. Happy accident that my piece had a pretty cool space on Dean's car for a signature to go.

I was able to have some fun on Instagram (follow me @CarolynBelefski) and play with their new "stories" feature to take snapshots of my convention experience. I did not get out to collect signatures for my Archie book or see the show as a "fan" because I wanted to spend time at the table and be a "pro," but I was able to arrive early to look thru some old comics and discover a comic from the early 1980s called Fish Police. That was my big discovery of the convention! I also caught a very brief glimpse of Mickie James, a former WWE wrestler. Joe got to meet Hope Larson and got a few hand sketches in his sketchbook.

Curls Studio premiered a "first taste" of our new comic book series, French Fry Club. We also gave away free Curls coloring sheets and the latest issue of Magic Bullet #13.

Saturday evening ended with a fire alarm about two hours before the convention ended. Everyone was instructed to leave the Convention Center and fire trucks came. It was not a prank. Something happened with ozone leaking. I'm glad the authorities were able to handle it pretty quickly, but once we were invited back in many exhibitors and the majority of attendees did not fill the halls. Needless, to say the last hour was light because of this incident. Sunday's flow was better and Baltimore was back!

Our next convention is Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland on September 17 and 18, 2016. Look for our table location and map on this blog soon. Hope to see you there.

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