Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Recap: SPX 2015

Small Press Expo 2015 was the best SPX we've had in recent memory -- not just in terms of sales, but overall show vibe. We had a great time! Like last year I hopped across the street before the show started to quickly grab food at a Farmer's Market in the adjacent parking lot. I purchased apples, carrots, and cucumbers. I'm at a point in life where I'd rather eat fruits and vegetables than fast food.

We premiered three new mini comics this year: Little Red Monster, Funny Farm, and Cyber Nate. You can read more about Little Red Monster here. Funny Farm is a coloring book where I drew comedians as farm animals. Cyber Nate is an action adventure series concept I came up with about a humble flying squirrel named Nate who becomes responsible for protecting the world's last remaining hibernating animal society from mysterious creatures during the futuristic ice age. I asked Joe to help me flesh out the story and we've been collaborating and enjoying the process of creating this new property.

It feels amazing to be able to show these concepts to the SPX audience.

Here is my Vine from SPX: https://vine.co/v/ePqIihb2YaF (please listen without sound, as I had my Square plugged in the headphones of my phone and apparently it creates a disturbing sound -- good to know).

More photos can be viewed on the Curls Studio Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who visited our table! The next time you can catch us will be this coming weekend during Baltimore Comic-Con at Table 3011 in the Kids Love Comics pavilion. We'll be bringing the mini comics mentioned above and more -- I'll post a blog with the floor plan map tomorrow.

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