Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recap: East Coast Comicon 2015

On April 11 and 12, 2015 Curls Studio exhibited at their first East Coast Comicon in the Kids Love Comics section. It was great to meet new faces and hang out with other fun creators.

East Coast Comicon has grown out of the success of Asbury Park Comicon. This year ECC was held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center -- very close to New York City. It did feel like a traditional comic convention compared to the original shows at the bowling alley and when we sold comics above the Atlantic Ocean at the Asbury Park Convention Hall. I know that building was built in the 1920s and in need of renovations, so the show moved. I still miss the charm of the original shows, but I understand the growth -- it makes me feel good that we got to witness Cliff's vision for the show. I also got to eat nachos -- my Kryptonite.

In addition to exhibiting, I hosted a workshop on Saturday called "Create Your Own Superhero Symbol." This was my first time running this seminar and I will probably do it again for Awesome Con DC and Baltimore Comic-Con. I posted print outs of established logos such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, cutie marks from My Little Pony, and more. I took the opportunity to ask the children to create a list of three things they like and consider shapes, colors, and meaning to create a visual icon to represent themselves. A lot of the children wanted to go at it and create. They seemed very excited to make something for themselves and a lot of parents joined in the fun.

You can check more photos out at the Curls Studio Facebook page "East Coast Comicon" Album -- give us a "Like" while you're at it: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153181682312381.1073741855.50763422380&type=1

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