Friday, February 13, 2015

Comics for The White House Media Coverage

Thanks to The Washington Post Comic Riffs for reporting about the comics I created with The White House for I'm receiving notes from many people telling me how wonderfully written the article is and I've passed the info on to Michael Cavna.

Thank you so much to The White House again for this opportunity and The Washington Post, as well as other media outlets who have posted about the comics. Below is a listing of all the articles I aware of. I've also been getting a ton of support on my Facebook page. Many people are excited and happy about these comics.

You can read the stories here:

The Washington Post | White House comics? How cartoonist Carolyn Belefski got an unexpected booster shot-in-the-arm from

by Michael Cavna

Fusion | Cartooning for the White House: A chat with the artist behind the #GetCovered comics

by Jen Sorensen

CBR | White House uses comic reminders about Obamacare deadline

by Kevin Melrose

The Blaze | These Cartoons are the White House’s Latest Effort to Make Obamacare Seem Cool

by Fred Lucas

The Patriot Post | White House Resorts to Childish Cartoons to Promote O'Care

CBR | Comics A.M. | Creators

by Brigid Alverson

Fusion | Going Viral | Obama hopes a selfie stick will get more young people signed up for healthcare
by Abby Rogers

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