Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Magic Bullet Exhibit at Artisphere

D.C. Conspiracy members will be showcasing original Magic Bullet art at Artisphere in Arlington, VA from August 21 thru November 3 in the Works in Progress Gallery. There will be a meet and greet on September 21 from 6 PM to 8 PM where you will be able to connect with many of us in-person and I plan on being there. Major props to Matt Dembicki and Evan Keeling for being instrumental in organizing the exhibit. 

For more information, visit: http://artisphere.com/calendar/event-details/Visual-Arts/COMICS-MAKING-STUDIO-WITH-MEMBERS-OF-THE-D-C-CONSPIRACY.aspx

Also worth mentioning since today is Andy Warhol's birthday, Artisphere will also be showcasing a Warhol exhibit during some of the same timeframe as the Magic Bullet exhibit and comics making studio. So that means our work will be alongside Warhol!

In additional Magic Bullet news, I'm currently editing the next issue, Magic Bullet #7, which will be Halloween themed. We hope to go to print soon and have the issue out later this month. Be on the lookout, Spooks.

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