Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recap: DC Zinefest 2012

On July 28, 2012 I exhibited at DC Zinefest. I believe DC has had zinefests perhaps over a decade or longer ago, but as far as I know this has been the 2nd year of this version of the DC Zinefest. You can read last year's recap here. This year was similar in terms of location and the same time of year, which is good to build a steady presence as event promotion. A highlight as an exhibitor was that the organizers were kind enough to collaborate with Everlasting Life Cafe to provide free vegan lunch to all exhibitors. Getting a free lunch doesn't happen very often, so I was excited that the event planners were able to arrange this.

I got to chat with Liz Suburbia, Katie Omberg, Deanna Echanique, Full Sanction, Rob from Panel Patter (here is his DC Zinefest Recap), and a bunch of new faces. There seemed to be a lot of zinesters from Philly and other cities that made the travel to DC for the show.

Another highlight was premiering the brand new issue of Magic Bullet #5, Washington, DC's comics newspaper. This is the first time the issue had a theme - and since it's 2012 - we all did a spin on "The End of The World." Joe Carabeo and I did a Black Magic Tales story on the center spread in color. Be on the lookout for the newspaper around town. Curls Studio will have them at Baltimore Comic-Con, SPX, NYCC, and a bunch of future events we plan to be at. I have some more announcements to make soon about future issues of Magic Bullet. Stay 'tooned.

Thanks to Rusty from Full Sanction for the photograph.

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