Monday, February 6, 2012

VOTE CURLS in The Cartoonist Studio Contest

I have entered my comic strip "Curls" into The Cartoonist Studio Contest. The competition is going on right now and I'd really appreciate your vote. You will need to create an account on - then you can cast one vote for one cartoonist every six hours. There are many, many strips in the contest, so your vote does matter. You can vote four times a day -- every six hours.

Search for "Curls" or "Carolyn Belefski" to cast your vote here:

The way I understand how the contest will be run is: there will be ten rounds of voting, one new cartoon per week will be shown from each contestant. The lowest 10% of the polls at the end of each week will be eliminated, until the final week where the remaining comic will be the winner. Judges will also determine who will be the final winner. The winner of the contest has the opportunity to run their comic on the website, which is good exposure and could lead to greater things. More eyes on Curls is always a positive thing and if you are a fan of my strip, please consider voting and telling your friends. Thank you for your support!

If you follow me on Twitter or are a fan of Curls Studio on Facebook, please bear with me as I promote the contest. It feels like I have to promote it every 6 hours! Thanks for you patience, in advance.