Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recap: Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con 2011

Last Sunday, August 14, was Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con. The evening before kicked off PACC festivities with the inaugural Grawlix Awards at Cha-Cha'Razzi hosted by Philly Comix Jam and Secret Prison alum, Bob Pistilli.

The Grawlix Awards included drinks and mingling with presentation of the awards, which were old Peanuts collections by Charles Schulz. Rafer Roberts won in the category of "Best Graphic Novel" for his book, Plastic Farm.

The actual PACC event on Sunday was similar to last year, however I believe the organizers made better space decisions and it felt like more exhibitors were set up with the use of the stage and other clever methods to fit as many tables as possible into the space provided. The weather was raining off and on throughout the day, but crowds were always walking thru the aisle. If anything during the heaviest rains more people were inside for coverage. Although I do wonder if the weather was better if more people would have showed up. Last years show was incredibly hot without air conditioning, so it certain aspects you are always fighting against mother nature.

PACC was fun because I got to meet a few people I had only talked to before on Twitter. I also got to work on a couple great sketchbook commissions. One was a alphabet book, where the letter I landed on was "L" and did an illustration for The Legettes. It was also fun to hang out with Rafer, Kevin Czapiewski, and Brady Russell.

I drew a cheerleader for Philly Comix Jam at the very end of the show.

30 photos from PACC 2011 can be found on the Curls Studio Facebook page.

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