Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Show of 2010: Rock-n-Shop

Hunting for that perfect holiday gift? Looking to augment your hardcore collection with some essential records? Searching for the perfect T-shirt? Stop right there, my friend! Rock-n-Shop is where it's all at. This annual junk sale offers more than the standard fare... for one thing, it's not all junk...

Blast out of 2010 and join Curls Studio at our last show of the year!

We will be at Rock-n-Shop at 8PM on Sunday, December, 19th at the Black Cat with our very own black cat, Black Magic.

A Rock and Roll Garage Sale
FREE on the Mainstage
Sunday, December, 19th
Doors at 8:00PM

Black Cat
1811 14th Street, NW
(between N S St & N Swann St)
Washington, DC 20009

Exhibitors (as of December 6)
60 Bugs, Ana Haworth, Anhtu Lu, Fire Studio, Tigerflight, Wrong Tree Studio, Carlos Izurieta, Curls Studio, Charlene Lockwood, David Ballinger, David Conroy, Eileen Colton, Erin Boland, Erin McCarley, Gene Melkisethian, El Jefe Design, Dau Dau, Fisticuffs, Red Onion Records, Junk Science, Kenieffer Vargas, Kitten Rocks Well, Lara Watson, Les Talusan, Meaghan O’Malley, Pretty Little Fings, Gosh Darn Knit, Shawn Sprague, Som Records, Smash Records, Kathy Newton

Poster Credit
The rad 2010 Rock-n-Shop poster is six-color combination of silkscreen and woodcut by Anthony Dihle of Fire Studio.

December 15 - UPDATE: Above is a map Black Cat provided the vendors. Curls Studio will be located near the center of the bar at table number 8. Hope to see you this Sunday.

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