Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recap: Baltimore Comic-Con 2009

Baltimore Comic-Con 2009 was this past weekend (October 10 and 11) at The Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Curls Studio was there and we had a wonderful time. I was excited to table next to Laurie B! who is a name I recognized as soon as we got table assignments. I remembered her from Paul Dini's Jingle Belle comic and was excited to be placed next to her.

We met up with a lot of fans we only see once or twice a year. It was the biggest complement to me when a handful of fans came to our table first. I found this out because I like to ask the customers what is cool out there in the convention because I can only see so much from behind the table. Then a few fans said, ' We don't know! We just got here and came to your table first!' That was pretty cool to hear.

I was happy for Bryan J.L. Glass (writer of The Mice Templar) to win the Harvey Award for Best New Talent. He has been working hard in the comics industry since 1992 and really deserves the recognition. Lora Innes (The Dreamer) was also nominated for this category and I really feel like she has made great strides and was one of two women nominated for a Harvey. (The other was colorist Laura Martin). The photo above is of Bryan and I from New York Comic Con 2009, back in February.

One disappointment for Joe was the absence of Mike and Laura Allred. We heard that Laura got sick and they will come again next year... so that is a good thing to look forward to. I was disappointed that Kenneth Rocafort was not in attendance. I had connected with him for the past two years at Baltimore and he does amazing sketches in the Top Cow booth. I hope to see him again in the future.

But the most important news of all at Baltimore Comic-Con 2009 was premiering our latest book, The Legettes. For one thing, it's 36 pages plus cover. It's a meaty story with a payoff that leaves you wanting more and I'm already looking forward to the second issue! The characters are awesome guys and gals whom I adore and I feel like Joe's writing and my art has again improved 500% every year. With that said, please click here to check out The Legettes and purchase it with free shipping for a limited time.

Thanks to everyone we met at Baltimore. I hope you enjoy the books and I hope to see you again at other events!

For some people the future is bright with possibility. Every hard day is worth it because of the thought that the effort will payoff in a glorious payday. Meet MC. He’s exactly that type of person. A hard worker, loyal, passionate, and full of goals, MC is definitely someone that you can count on when the chips are down. He also happens to be part of DEKO, the most prestigious and powerful corporation on the planet.

What he does, we can not say. What he gets paid is confidential. The name of his job title can’t be known to people not in the know. But what we do know is that MC is about to experience a huge change in his life. His whole world is about to be flipped upside down and dropped on his head. And when the lights finally come back on, MC will wake up in future that has more enemies than friends, a future where tech is now skin and skin is now fake, a future where everything is manufactured for the manufacturer, and a future where being nostalgic will get you killed. Welcome to a dark and dangerous future. Welcome to the world of
The Legettes!

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