Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Jennifer Contino interviewed me on Monday. Here is a sample of the interview and a link to the full goodness, which includes eight Curls comic strips.

Carolyn Belefski told THE PULSE, "I'm inspired by what is around me," when asked what was the genesis of her eclectic webcomics series, Curls. She's been drawing as long as she can remember and created the strip when she was a student at Virginia Commonwealth University. Although she's stuck in the grind of a nine to five-ish day job, she still creates funny, webcomic strips. And she likes turtles. So I had to talk to her about her hopes, dreams and turtles!

THE PULSE: A lot of our readers will be meeting you for the first time in this interview, so for those who don't know much about you, what makes Carolyn Belefski tick?

CAROLYN BELEFSKI: I'm inspired by what is around me. My interests: comics, animals, design, movies, pop culture ... come across in the comics I make. I like to commentate on the positive and negative things in a creative outlet. Everyone is surrounded by good and bad things. I try to take the good, the bad, make a big mix of it to move on. That's what keeps me going and makes me tick. Taking what you have and making something out of it. Otherwise I have nothing if I'm not creating.

THE PULSE: So how did you channel that spirit and energy into webcomics, out of everything you could have used to represent yourself?

BELEFSKI: When I create comics, I create a world. The characters are my friends, and they represent and entertain me. Hopefully others can connect to them as well. The stories are very character-driven. Sure, there are creative outlets other than comics and multiple ways to represent yourself, but with comics everything feels larger, and it feels right and comfortable to me. I have been drawing comics ever since I can remember, so in a way I feel like the characters discovered me. One of my earliest memories is drawing and watching Bugs Bunny.

Read the full interview here: PULSE News » BELEFSKI'S COMICAL CURLS

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