Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos: New York Comic Con 2008

We came. We saw. We conquered. New York Comic Con is over and I have a mild case of post convention depression. It was so nice to meet new people and reconnect with friends I don't get to see all that often. Overall, I'd say NYCC was a success. I'm sure Joe and I will record an episode of The Carolyn & Joe Show soon to give you a review of NYCC, but for now I'll type up some memories and share with you some photos.

On Thursday, the day before NYCC, I worked, then stayed up all night packing and preparing a few last minute things. We left at 2 AM on Friday from northern Virginia to make sure we'd be okay with parking and setting up our table. So we are running on like no sleep here, folks. We made a pit-stop for some hash browns in New Jersey. Yummy. Toll booths are horrible. We got to New York in a timely fashion and were some of the first people to set-up in Artists Alley. I think a lot of people came in later, but at least we were there and ready to go. One of the first purchases came from a girl who really is into toasts. She showed us her toast and toaster tattoos and she purchased a Toast Silkscreen Shirt. It was cool to see someone really into toast! Also, one of the first things we saw in New York was a scattered loaf of sliced bread on the street. For some reason, things like this make me happy.

On Friday, the first day of NYCC, Joe met Joe Quesada randomly in the crowd. I think he was pretty excited to run into him. I met Darwyn Cooke, Cliff Chiang, Amanda Conner, and Jenna Jameson. I think Darwyn is the best artist out there today. He was wearing a kick ass hat. That hat rules!

I attended the "Girls Who Kick Ass" panel. I know there was a lot of controversy over it... but really people, I know Jenna was a porn star and all that... but if she's into comics, why not let her into the clubhouse? I think she has the right to be here. After listening to Jenna speak, I could tell she is very intelligent and had a lot of encouraging things to say. She is probably one of the most confident people I've met. I got my picture taken with her and had a brief conversation with her about how happy I was that she was in the industry, even though I had doubts at first. I'm okay with her being here. I think we both could have looked better in the photo we took, but oh well. It's Jenna Jameson and at least I got the opportunity to meet her. John, the senior copywriter I work with, says about the Jenna photo: Carolyn, you're like, "Don't get too close, bitch." Awesome. I know we can both take a better photo. Maybe next time. Or maybe for something like... oh, I don't know... The Hot Women of Comics... I can see it now. What happened to Louise Simonson and Colleen Doran in that panel? I think Colleen may have had a scheduling conflict, but I'm not sure.

On Saturday, Joe attended The Spirit panel, which included Frank Miller and actress Eva Mendes. Saturday was the biggest day and so many people were dressed in costume. People really put a lot of effort into it! My favorite was a female Sweeney Todd, who I posed with as she slashed my throat!

On Sunday, the final day of NYCC, I attended the Amelia Rules! panel and met Jimmy Gownley. Amelia Rules! is an all-ages comic I recently got into this year. You should check it out, if you haven't already. One big surprise of the convention, was seeing Brendan Fraser! I didn't even know he was going to be at NYCC and found out when Joe showed me an ad in the program. Brendan Fraser is a pretty clever guy and probably in my top ten actors list. He was there to promote Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. I was lucky enough to handle the crowd an obtain an autograph!

Frank Cammuso stopped by my table to say hello. That was very awesome of him. I've admired his work since before I started exhibiting at conventions when I was at SPX as a volunteer for two years... getting to know the scene... before I decided to give it a go. He gave me some good advice that I promise to keep and his book, Knights of the Lunch Table, will come out next month! I'll be sure to check it out.

The guys of Heartbreak, Jon and Nick, also came by to say hi at the Curls Studio table. Jon gave me a sample of ten new pages... I've read it and want to know what happens next! They are up to some good stuff and I'm looking forward to the next Heartbreak.

One of the best things about NYCC was the pleasure of sitting next to Rafael Navarro. I can seriously watch this guy draw all day long. He's work is super good... it's muy caliente. When I found out he worked on Stripperella... dang. That's one of my favorite shows! Rafael asked me to draw Captain America in his sketchbook and I think it turned out pretty well. There's a photo of that sketch on the Curls Studio Flickr page, so check it out when you have the chance! He drew me Stripperella and it's the best piece of art I own. It's freaking awesome.

NYCC ruled. I hope to be back again! And just so you know, I am my own booth babe.

Check out all the Curls Studio NYCC photos photos on the Curls Studio Flickr page.


Red Moon said...

Really liking your blog posts! We've just started reading them, but they have been informative and are also an inspiration for us at Red Moon as we dive into the con circuit next year. Please keep these blogs coming!

Hope it was a successful weekend for Curls Studio! :)

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