Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Black Magic Tales: Exclusive Interview

I am very excited to announce that Curls Studio will be unveiling the latest issue of Black Magic Tales at Baltimore Comic-Con on September 8 and 9, 2007.

Here is a teaser of the story:

Breaking News! The crime spree duo of Roxy and Dean have been caught! For years the pop stars of crime, Roxy Monroe and Dean Casanova, have lived on a never-ending tour of trouble. Breaking, entering, and stealing big in every city they have visited, Roxy and Dean did it all with a smile and their fans loved them for it. Then huge news hit the airwaves: Roxy and Dean have been caught in Episode City! Now for the first time ever, under high security, Roxy Monroe will give a live tell-all exclusive interview. What will she say?

Black Magic Tales: Exclusive Interview
Writer: Joe Carabeo
Artist: Carolyn Belefski
28 black and white pages, plus full color cover
includes sketchbook spread and interview with creators

All contents © 2007 Curls Studio.

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